John Barlow, NMLS 109202, is the founder and President of Sound Financial Mortgage LLC.  As an advisor, he helps people understand the mortgage options available to them today. His passion has always been serving people and making a difference in their lives.

John’s mortgage career began in 2001 with a focus on regular refinance and purchase business. In 2008, his clients began asking questions about reverse mortgages when many seniors’ access to money was severely diminished by the financial crisis. He learned firsthand how the financial needs of seniors are impacted and how important it is for seniors to have a plan for the future. John learned about the fundamentals of reverse mortgages by hiring Sam Collins, a long-term industry professional.  John has also written and informative book called, “Understanding Reverse Mortgages” and is published on Amazon at

John is an outstanding choice for quality mortgage advice and service. His thoughtfulness and patience has helped many seniors make informed choices when it comes to their mortgage and housing needs. John’s best attribute is understanding people and aligning their goals with the proceeds from a reverse mortgage. His lending experience has helped many clients efficiently maneuver through the reverse mortgage process.

John lives in Issaquah, Washington, with his wife and two daughters, and in his spare time, he enjoys supporting his girls’ activities and being a member of Angelos Football Club.